"Bridging the Gap To Excellence"

Mastrobattisto, Inc. Safety Program

Mastrobattisto, Inc. mandates a safe working environment for all employees, subcontractors, visitors and other personnel onsite and takes pride in putting effort into creating this safe environment. Mastrobattisto, Inc.'s safety program has been developed to make sure that every employee that starts and continues to have the tools and knowledge to perform their job safely.

Mastrobattisto, Inc. utilizes many different ways of reaching out to employees to make sure the standards of safety are put forth. Monthly meetings are used to discuss broad safety topics and tool box talks on the jobsites are used to discuss specific items relating to the tasks at hand. All together, these create Mastrobattisto, Inc.'s cohesive and complete safety program.

Safety is our #1 Priority

With the magnitude of equipment (Like the large dozer shown above) and tasks being completed on a jobsite at one time, the risks of work on a construction site are high. Mastrobattisto, Inc.'s #1 goal every day is to make sure all of our employees go home safely.

Mastrobattisto, Inc. takes pride in providing a safe and enjoyable working environment for all of our employees. With this, Mastrobattisto, Inc. also focuses on the communities and neighborhoods we work in to ensure that the safety of all people around the jobsite is considered and taken as a priority. If you have any questions regarding safety or the safety program at Mastrobattisto, Inc., please contact our Safety Officer, Jordan Bird, at jordan.b@mastrobattisto.com.